COVID-19 Update

May 1, 2020 update:

Energy Exchange is still planned for August 11–13, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. To be prepared for extenuating circumstances, FEMP is also in the process of intense agility planning and developing options for virtual Energy Exchange content delivery, including not only the training sessions, but also the plenary sessions, tradeshow, and technology innovation demonstrations, held during the same dates in August 2020.

Federal agency participation is key to event success! Training is a critical requirement to ensure a skilled workforce can navigate through all operating conditions; now more than ever we need to provide the energy management community accredited continuous learning credits and workforce development curriculum and programs. The planning team is working on parallel paths for executing the event via a live, in-person platform as well as a virtual event. We are actively evaluating options and working to develop the best event delivery in light of the current operating restrictions and agency policies. The final decision on how FEMP will deliver the Energy Exchange in August 2020 will be made as soon as possible and not later than June 15, 2020. This timeline takes into consideration circumstances beyond our control, including any forthcoming decisions by the federal government and/or the state of Georgia that may affect how we proceed.

    • We are continuing to work with the Energy Exchange Technical Planning Team to finalize important training content based on federal agency input. This content is informed by federal agency needs and priorities.  FEMP will be utilizing training content not only for Energy Exchange sessions, but also for future federal training and workforce development needs. We need to develop this critical technical content as we experience stresses and constraints on our federal resources.
  • The team is also exploring ways to leverage the lessons learned from COVID-19 and how we can enhance our training content based on our collective experiences.
  • We are fortunate to have the time to take these parallel planning tracks. DOE has already gained experience holding large, dynamic, interactive, virtual meetings such as our virtual peer reviews. The Energy Exchange logistics team is also skilled and experienced at implementing a variety of events, with a high level of resources and creativity to help our team define possibilities.

Please continue to check this webpage for further updates as they become available.