Exhibitor FAQs

Find answers to exhibitor FAQs and commonly asked questions about the Energy Exchange!

• Your exhibit space is a great place to set up appointments and meetings where you can demonstrate your product, show product-related videos or literature, or simply meet face-to-face!
• Meet with qualified buyers, project managers and technology specialists; create stronger connections with public sector decision-makers and generate new leads you can cultivate for the rest of the year.
• Launch new products and services; connect with potential partners.
• Connect with civilian agencies and the military; and improve your understanding of emerging trends in the federal sector.

Attendees come from all levels of federal, state, and local government agencies, the small business community, research institutions, prime contractors, large businesses, and many more.

Yes. Exhibit booth selection is available on the registration site and is first come first serve for booth assignments.

For all inline booths you will be provided with an 8’ high back wall drape, one 6’ draped table, two side chairs, one wastebasket, and a company id sign. All other furnishings and accessories will need to be ordered through the Exhibitor service kit which will be published in May.

Yes, all personnel must be registered for the event. Exhibitor personnel registration will be available in May and you will be sent a link to register your staff at that time.

We are expecting over 3000 attendees this year.

No. Booth sharing is not allowed for this event.

A single business owner who owns multiple businesses can register as an Exhibitor for each business separately. For instance, a business owner of three businesses wishes to exhibit each. He/She can purchase a booth for each business under the respective companies’ names. The booths must be staffed separately. The owner will need to register each business with a different email address to reserve the space online.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations are outlined in the application process. It is our goal to assure that all Exhibitors, regardless of exhibit size or location, display their products and services in an environment conducive to successful interaction with attendees, and thereby providing a rewarding trade show experience. The rules and regulations have been established with that goal in mind.