Justification Resources

Letters of Justification - Justification ResourcesWe appreciate your interest in attending the Energy Exchange 2022 and understand that limited travel and training budgets can present a challenge in obtaining approval to attend. To help with this, a customizable Letter of Justification for attendees has been developed.

By outlining the potential benefits and/or returns on your attendance investment, this justification resource offers a starting point for explaining the benefits that attending this event has for you as an attendee as well as for your larger organization.

Here are just a few examples of how the Energy Exchange could benefit your organization.

  • Over 70 unique technical training and workshop sessions, more than half of which are eligible for CEU or meet Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act competencies
  • Network with thousands of attendees (industry peers, market leaders, and technical experts) across the private and public sectors of energy management
  • Learn about advanced technologies and practices, and how to integrate these into your project/portfolio
  • Explore public/private sector partnership models, share financing best practices, receive technical assistance, participate in planning expertise, and much, much, more
  • FEMP’s annual Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognition event will be co-located with the Energy Exchange – so come and celebrate the 2021 and 2022 winners!
  • Make this Energy Awareness Month one to remember by learning from others, hearing the latest on federal energy and water management topics, and recognizing champions in the field.

Attendees may also wish to site recent Executive Orders which reiterate the need for training on Federal facility and fleet topics.

Executive Order 14057 “Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability”

Per E.O. Section 401. Engaging, Educating, and Training the Federal Workforce.

“Meeting the challenges of climate change and achieving the goals of this order requires an investment in the Federal Government’s employees and a workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively apply sustainability, climate adaptation, and environmental stewardship across disciplines and functions. Agencies shall foster a culture of sustainability and climate action; build employees’ skills and knowledge through engagement, education, and training; and incorporate environmental stewardship values and, where appropriate, sustainability goals and objectives into performance plans of executives, managers, and staff.”

Executive Order 13800, America’s Cybersecurity Workforce

Per E.O. Section 401. Engaging, Educating, and Training the Federal Workforce.

Section 1(d) – “ The United States Government must create the organizational and technological tools required to maximize the cybersecurity talents and capabilities of American workers –-especially when those talents and capabilities can advance our national and economic security. The Nation is experiencing a shortage of cybersecurity talent and capability, and innovative approaches are required to improve access to training that maximizes individuals’ cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities, experiences, and talents to our Nation.”

Section 1(e) – “ In accordance with Executive Order 13800, the President will continue to hold heads of executive departments and agencies (agencies) accountable for managing cybersecurity risk to their enterprises, which includes ensuring the effectiveness of their cybersecurity workforces.”

Download your editable Letter of Justification to help provide the justification you need for attendance.

Now that you have your letter of justification, Register to Attend!