Justification Resources

Letters of Justification - Justification ResourcesWe appreciate your interest in attending the Energy Exchange and understand that limited training budgets can present a challenge in obtaining approval to attend. To help with this, a customizable Letter of Justification for attendees is available.

By outlining the potential benefits and/or returns on your attendance investment, these justification resources offer a starting point for explaining the benefits of attending this event have for you as an attendee and also your larger organization.

Here are just a few examples of how the Energy Exchange could benefit your organization.

  • Receive accredited continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Participate in agency leadership engagement opportunities that outline priorities through agency-specific meetings and policy update sessions
  • Attend expanded training, including understanding the efficiency-resilience nexus
  • Explore new pathways for partnerships and collaboration, including how to do business with the federal government and how federal agencies can utilize DOE’s National Laboratories
  • View state-of-the-art technology demonstrations and validation at DOE’s Virtual Technology Pavilion

It is critical for all Federal employees to be aware of recent Executive Orders which reiterate the requirement for Federal agencies to provide opportunities for their staff to receive specific training.

Executive Order 13800, America’s Cybersecurity Workforce

Section 1(d) – “The United States Government must create the organizational and technological tools required to maximize the cybersecurity talents and capabilities of American workers –-especially when those talents and capabilities can advance our national and economic security. The Nation is experiencing a shortage of cybersecurity talent and capability, and innovative approaches are required to improve access to training that maximizes individuals’ cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities, experiences, and talents to our Nation.”

Download your Letter of Justification to help provide the justification you need for attendance.

Letter of Justification

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