Technical Training Agenda

Technical Training at Energy ExchangePutting into practice the 2019 theme of Be Efficient And Resilient, the Energy Exchange will feature over 100 unique training sessions to continue supporting the development of a future-focused American workforce while promoting efficient government operations.

This event is your opportunity to leverage public and private sector expertise to ensure efficient operations, administration priorities, and agency missions are all achieved. Accredited technical sessions provide continuing education credits and learning objectives which align with Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) of 2010 competencies and National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 priorities.

To further this, the 2019 technical training agenda will include five unique training focus areas.

  • Implementing Federal Policy and Priorities
  • Integrating Resilience and Design for Agency Mission
  • Optimizing Building Management & Maintenance
  • Utilizing Efficient and Secure Technologies
  • Leveraging Affordable Financing and Partnerships

Additional information about this year’s training focus areas and tracks will be available soon. Further your education, retain your professional certification, and further your career by taking full advantage of Energy Exchange 2019 technical training!

Technical Training Details and CEU Credit

The Technical Training Agenda Offers Countless IACET Qualified SessionsAs in years past, the Energy Exchange will offer an innovative schedule of training tracks, sector meet ups, and panel sessions led by experts in their respective fields. Thought leaders from the federal, private, education, and state and local government sectors will convene to accelerate the adoption of energy/water efficiency, integrated resilience, emerging and secure technologies, and replicable renewable energy solutions.

Energy Exchange 2018 Technical Training Archive

Energy Exchange 2018 Technical TrainingThe Energy Exchange provides access to the latest information from skilled subject matter experts, leading-edge technical information, and valuable new professional contacts from the federal energy management community. Each session represents a distinct learning event and most are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

To view 2018 tracks, technical training sessions, or to download/view speaker presentations, visit the Energy Exchange Training Archive.