About Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange represents the largest agency driven training event and tradeshow for the for the federal energy and water management community. Energy Exchange brings experts together from federal, state and local governments, utilities, and the private sector to identify new and emerging technologies and leverage lessons learned to combat the climate crisis..

Hosted by the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program, this event helps ensure that the federal energy and water community is not only aware of the technical, operational, and institutional practices and solutions to meet the ambitious climate goals – but also equipped to implement strategies and take action. This training event plays a critical role in connecting the federal community with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve net-zero emissions in federal operations.

About Energy Exchange

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Schedule of Events

Energy Exchange has been providing accredited training to the federal energy and water management community since 2015. When you attend Energy Exchange, you can:

  • Earn IACET learning credits for attending training sessions
  • Discover emerging and advanced technologies
  • Gain in-depth insight on portfolio planning and effective implementation for energy resilience
  • Master smart building design and operation
  • Understand barriers and opportunities for energy and water efficiency and employing renewable energy
  • Learn financing and funding mechanisms and best practices
  • Explore the Energy Exchange Trade Show
  • Network and collaborate with nearly 2000 peers and stakeholders

2022 Highlights

Energy Exchange Attendees
Training Hours
Energy Exchange Exhibitors

Technical Planning Team

Every year, a select group of volunteer members from the federal and private sector energy management communities help to develop the Energy Exchange technical training content. This Technical Planning Team leverages their expertise in federal energy and water management to develop relevant and actionable training for the federal energy and water management community. Members are selected via an application process. Stay tuned for the open application period.

Federal Energy Management Program

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) works with its stakeholders to enable federal agencies to meet energy-related goals, identify affordable solutions, facilitate public-private partnerships, and provide energy leadership to the country by identifying and leveraging government best practices.

Learn more about the Federal Energy Management Program .

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