Energy Exchange Extra 2020

During the August event, the Energy Exchange offered 40 technical training sessions – all still available in the Technical Training Room on the event platform.  The Energy Exchange has recently released 19 new, additional trainings as a part of Energy Exchange Extra and are available to current registrants, at no additional cost. These new sessions, plus the August sessions, are only available on the Energy Exchange platform. While the sessions themselves will continue to be available on the platform in 2021, continuing education units for accredited training will only be available through October 30, 2020.

The Energy Exchange will continue the Current Conversation series, with U.S. Government leaders and industry experts on their priorities and insights on factors affecting energy and water management in today’s operating environment.  The latest Current Conversations include a White House Council on Environmental Quality Panel Discussion with Chief Sustainability Officers and Success Stories of the 50001 Energy Management System.

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The Federal Energy Management Program and the U.S. Department of Energy will modify Energy Exchange in August to a one-time virtual training August 10-14, 2020. Now more than ever we need to provide the energy management community accredited training, critical information, and flexible solution sets to ensure energy and water professionals have the resources and tools necessary to meet the challenges associated with becoming efficient, resilient and secure in support of continuous mission operations.

When it comes to energy and water management, efficient-resilient-secure operations are the goal of every federal agency and the mission of the 2020 Energy Exchange is to provide those tools and resources. This comprehensive, virtual 5-day training and trade show event helps agencies ensure their facility operations are resilient, efficient and secure. With delivery of over 40 training sessions in 6 tracks, resource planners and managers can earn CEUs, find technically validated solutions, and engage with agency leadership and the private sector over the 5-day event. Additional technical trainings will be made available to all participants post virtual event on the platform as part of a one-time Energy Exchange extra on-demand offering.

The event will also include a virtual Technology Pavilion and Trade Show that will include demonstration of National Laboratory and private sector exhibitors, across the energy and water sectors, showcasing their cutting edge resilient, efficient and secure technologies respectively, FEDS spotlight recognition of this year’s most innovative and successful projects and opportunities to connect with FEMP staff in the virtual FEMP Hub.

It’s all about empowering solutions, to optimize energy and water systems by reducing their loads resulting in both cost and waste reduction all while ensuring continuous mission operations.

That’s why you need to register and participate in Energy Exchange 2020!

Energy Exchange 2020

Empowering Solutions

The U.S. Department of Energy continues to help provide support and services to all sectors of the energy management community, helping advance and secure America’s energy future.

Visit the FEMP website for more access to training or technical assistance from FEMP.

Technical Training and Continuing Education Units are offered in conjunction with the Whole Building Design Guide. Visit the WBDG website for more information about continuing education and applying the most recent design techniques and technologies.

Have questions about this year’s event? Want to know about Energy Exchange 2020? Contact the Energy Exchange team today:

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