Register to Attend Energy Exchange

Registration for Energy Exchange is open to government employees (Federal, State, and Local), as well as government contractors and private industry. Early bird registration rates end January 12, 2024.

You will need to present a DOE or DOE National Lab issued government ID to register and pick up your badge.

Registration Fee:
DOE / National Lab: $250

To register as a Public Sector attendee, you must have a .gov, .mil, .edu, or other public sector email address. You will need to present a government or military ID to pick up your badge. Government contractors are not permitted to register at the Public Sector rate.

Registration Fee:
Public Sector: $300

Government Contractor or Private Industry registration is for onsite and offsite government contractors and those who work for private industry. You will need to present a photo ID to pick up your badge.

Registration Fee:
Private Sector: $575


For Registration Questions Contact:
Anne Phillips at MC2
Phone: 678-398-2650

Please note that travel priority to attend this year’s event will be given to DOE and National Laboratory attendees who have been invited to be speakers, moderators or have been identified as requiring critical training. This may result in a request to individuals who have registered but not received an invitation to alter their registration or travel reservations. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and the DOE Sustainability Performance Office (SPO) will continually monitor the registration lists to ensure access to the event for all DOE program offices and that travel quotas are not exceeded. Additional details will be released to DOE staff on attending Energy Exchange. If you are interested in attending but unsure if or when you should register, please contact FEMP_Training@EE.DOE.Gov for more information.

Justification Resources

We appreciate your interest in attending the Energy Exchange and understand that limited travel and training budgets can present a challenge in obtaining approval to attend. To help with this, a customizable Letter of Justification will be available for attendees.

By outlining the potential benefits and/or returns on your attendance investment, this justification resource offers a starting point for explaining the benefits that attending this event has for you as an attendee as well as for your larger organization.


Reserve Your Hotel Room Today! Room blocks have been reserved for Energy Exchange 2024 attendees at many downtown Pittsburgh hotels within easy walking distance to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. These properties WILL FILL UP QUICKLY, so please, make your reservations early for the most options and availability. Waitlisting is also available through the Energy Exchange housing site.


All reservation requests prior to February 28, 2024, must be booked through this website. Hotels cannot take direct reservations from Energy Exchange attendees until AFTER early March. Please do not contact the individual hotels to book your room reservations, as they will re-direct you back to our Housing Manager at

For Government/Military Sector attendees, the published room rates are already set at the 2024 federal per diem allowance, which is $136 for Pittsburgh. For attendees in the Industry/Private Sector, discounted group rates at each hotel have been negotiated.

After booking your reservation(s) on this site, you will receive an email with a Reservation Acknowledgement number. The hotel confirmation number will be emailed to you directly by the hotel in early-to-mid March. Please do not call the hotel directly to confirm your reservation, as reservation data is not sent to the hotels until after the February 28, 2024, deadline.

An organization’s reservation coordinator can reserve up to 10 rooms. If your group needs 11+ rooms, please contact our Housing Manager at to set up a special sub-block with a direct booking link for your group’s attendees. Note: cancellation fees may apply to unused rooms.


For questions regarding Energy Exchange hotel reservations, or to set up a sub-block commitment for your organization (11+ rooms), please contact our Housing Manager directly at Please do not contact Resiada directly for reservation support, as responses may be unnecessarily delayed.

Note: Resiada is the only hotel provider endorsed by Energy Exchange 2024. If you are contacted by other third-party companies offering hotel assistance, please be aware they are not endorsed by our event. Entering into financial agreements with these companies can have costly consequences and are not protected by event management.


Room blocks have been reserved at pre-negotiated rates for all types of Energy Exchange 2024 attendees at 12 downtown Pittsburgh hotels, all within six blocks of the David Lawrence Convention Center.

  • Westin Pittsburgh
  • Omni William Penn Pittsburgh
  • Wyndham Grand
  • Drury Plaza
  • Renaissance Pittsburgh
  • Embassy Suites Downtown
  • Even Hotel
  • Kimpton Hotel Monaco
  • Marriott City Center
  • AC Hotel
  • DoubleTree Hilton
  • Cambria Hotel

Resiada is the official housing website for 2024 Energy Exchange.


No later than February 28, 2024, but the sooner the better. The Resiada housing reservation site is tentatively scheduled to go offline on February 29 2024. Hotels cannot take direct reservations from Energy Exchange attendees until after that date. At that point, reservations will be taken based on availability and prevailing rates. If you contact the individual hotels before February 28 to book your room, they will direct you back to the Housing Manager.

The maximum number of rooms one person can reserve (within one reservation record) is 10 rooms. If your group needs 11 or more rooms, you might want to consider setting up a private sub-block.
Note: Cancellation fees may apply to the overbooking of rooms that go unused.

After booking your hotel reservation, you will receive a Reservation Acknowledgment Number from Resiada, which is different from the hotel confirmation number. Your hotel confirmation number will be emailed to you directly by the hotel in early March. If you do not receive a Reservation Acknowledgement Number soon after you reserve your room(s), please contact the housing manager at


Reservation requests made on the housing site are not transferred to the hotels until early March, so if you call the hotel to confirm a reservation before that time, they will not have it uploaded into their system yet. Wait until March 7 or later to follow-up if you haven’t received a confirmation number directly from the hotel by that point.

Yes, the published room rates are set at the federal per diem allowance.

February 28 or earlier: make these changes through the Energy Exchange Hotel Site.

February 29-March 5: Please contact the housing manager at

After you have received your hotel confirmation number, please contact the hotel directly.

New reservation requests should be made directly with the hotel, using the list of “still available” hotels, which will be posted here and on the housing website. Rooms are subject to higher rate than negotiated. Please identify yourself as an Energy Exchange attendee when requesting a room directly with the hotels.

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