Dr. Theresa Pohlman, Executive Director, Sustainability & Environmental Programs, Department of Homeland Security

Theresa Pohlman

Executive Director, Sustainability & Environmental Programs, Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Teresa R. Pohlman has over 35 years of extensive leadership experience managing environmental and infrastructure program and product development, including planning, budgeting, test and evaluation, operations, maintenance, and construction. Her background includes management positions with responsibility for $300 million to over $1 billion annual budgets for environmental, infrastructure, and facility maintenance programs. At the Air Force, she was the Headquarters Air Staff Environmental Division Chief, and managed the Air Force’s $1 Billion (annual budget) worldwide environmental program. While working for the Navy, she managed and implemented Navy-wide policy and guidance for base closure, environmental cleanup, health and safety implications of environmental cleanup, and quality assurance aspects of the cleanup program pertaining to laboratory and field work. She also worked at the Naval Coastal Systems Center as the Project Manager for the development of the Chemical Warfare Protective Dive Suit. As the Tenant Activities Group Leader at the Pentagon Renovation Office, she was responsible for strategic master planning for the entire Pentagon Renovation, other facilities on the Pentagon Reservation, and other geographically dispersed sites for alternate operations. Prior to the Department of Defense, she worked for defense and NASA contractors. Currently, Dr. Pohlman is the Executive Director, Sustainability and Environmental Programs at Headquarters, Department of Homeland Security.

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