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Energy Exchange provides access to the latest information from skilled subject matter experts, leading-edge technical information, and valuable new professional contacts from the federal energy and water management community. Each session represents a distinct learning event and most are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Energy Exchange 2024 Technical Training Tracks

Track 1: Federal Leadership Perspectives
This track explores how the Federal Government is implementing President Biden’s directive to “lead by example” across a variety of topics, including decarbonization, greenhouse gas emissions, and federal infrastructure projects. Hear from leadership across Civilian and Defense agencies on their policies, strategies, and progress towards Legislative and Executive goals and requirements, as well as from peers who have successfully implemented impactful projects.

Track 2: Statutes, Policy, Drivers, and Reporting
This track focuses on the most recent policies, guidance, and strategies issued by federal leaders regarding energy, water, and the performance of federal facilities. The sessions in this track provide an overview of policies such as Executive Orders, building codes, federal rules, and reporting requirements and will cover available tools for procurement and training. The track also covers the sustainability requirements and approaches, carbon pollution-free electricity, embodied carbon, and climate resilience through panel discussions and case studies.

Track 3: Meeting Zero Emission Vehicle Goals
The federal government has set ambitious targets for transitioning to zero emission vehicles, but what steps can agencies take today to help achieve these goals? How should agencies plan and execute the electrification of its fleet? What are the different zero energy vehicle procurement pathways and partnering opportunities? What are the best practices for building out managed charging infrastructure? This track answers these tough ZEV-focused questions, sharing tools, resources, best practices, and cases studies from experts.

Track 4: Strategies and Actions to Decarbonize Buildings
This track provides foundational training on what decarbonization basics and how to implement net zero energy and water strategies to support decarbonization. The sessions focus on relevant issues energy and water managers are facings, like how to develop and prioritize electrification efforts, how to address the federal building performance standard, and how to leverage and implement novel technologies to decarbonize. Learn from industry expert panel discussions, hear lessons learned from decarbonization cases studies, and get practical with an interactive workshop on decarbonizing a hypothetical federal facility.

Track 5: Resilience Under a Changing Climate
The federal government has multiple missions and critical activities that cannot tolerate disruption. This track explores how to enhance climate resilience, energy and water resilience, grid resilience, and supply chain resilience. Sessions in this track focus on strategies, tools, resources, and case studies that can help federal facilities enhance their resilience posture.

Track 6: Protecting Against Digital Threats
Federal facilities need to be resilience against more than just natural hazards – threats can also be digital and bad actors may take advantage of vulnerabilities or weaknesses in our cybersecurity posture to disrupt critical operations. Sessions in this track focus on understanding security risks and best practices, understanding how increasing “smartness” or interactivity can impact our cybersecurity posture, and helping attendees better understand the requirements that underpin getting an authority to operate (ATO).

Track 7: Energy & Water Fundamentals
This track is dedicated to the essentials of energy and water management. Need to better understand key energy and water concepts and requirements? Know that you have a requirement for operations and maintenance but aren’t sure how to develop a program at your site? Have to perform an audit but don’t know where to start? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this fundamentals track.

Track 8: Shovel Ready Technologies and Approaches
This track is dedicated to the essentials of energy and water management. Federal facilities have a number of energy use reduction, water use reduction, and greenhouse gas reduction goals – but what technologies can be used to best effect? This track focuses on proven technologies and operational strategies that can be taken home to your facility today. Sessions will explore concepts including building controls, hardening, water and wastewater projects, heat pumps, and machine learning. Technologies and approaches for high-intensity facilities, such as laboratories and data centers, are also discussed.

Track 9: Emerging Sustainable Technologies and Practices
What emerging technologies are being piloted or starting to be implemented at federal facilities that can help meet goals for decarbonization, electrification, resilience, and sustainability? This track focuses on technological solutions and practices, including carbon pollution-free energy, microgrids, energy storage, and water technologies. Sessions will also focus on developing pathways for implementing emerging technologies at facilities and energy and water resilience technologies.

Track 10: Financing for Impact
This track will help attendees understand financing and funding options to implement their next projects. Sessions will range from introductory concepts on federal funding, performance contracting, and the Inflation Reduction Act as well as discuss how to go beyond project planning and into developing project pipelines.

Track 11: Feds and Third Parties: Partnerships to Meet Goals
This track will focus on best practices in federal partnerships including with utilities, energy service companies, and other organizations. Attendees will learn from real world case studies to better understand how agencies can partner to meet federal and agency-specific goals

The 2024 technical training program will feature 11 tracks and dozens of training sessions.
Download the Agenda at a Glance for an overview of this year’s sessions and tracks.

Agenda at a Glance

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